Eco Hydraulic - Underground container

Eco Hydraulic - Underground container 1
Our latest innovation and flagship product, this underground waste container was specifically developed for densely populated areas. Its storage capacity is twice the volume of a conventional overground container, yet the Eco Hydraulic’s plastic container is light enough to be moved manually from its platform to the truck. Video on

Hydraulic Quick-Connect plugs

You can power the Eco Hydraulic container directly from your truck’s existing hydraulic pump. We take care of the pump conversion for you.

Multi-directional exit

Eco Hydraulic’s unique design allows the container to exit the lifting platform in three alternative directions.

More potential locations to install

At just under 2 meters of installation depth, the Eco Hydraulic can be installed in more potential locations. Excavating at such a shorter depth greatly reduces the chances of bumping into existing installations, archaeological findings or even underground water streams.

Power options

The system can either be powered by your truck’s existing hydraulic pump or by connecting directly to the electrical grid.

Safety & Automation

The Eco Hydraulic system locks and unlocks automatically from the truck’s hydraulic pump, making the lock and key a thing of the past. This stops unauthorized users from opening the container and collecting the contents.

The Lifting & Safety Platform is also automated, once it has been fully raised (again by the truck’s hydraulic pump), its breaking mechanism engages by itself.

Eco Hydraulic specification summary

· Total weight cca 1800kg
· Storage capacity 2m³
· Dimensions 1.85 x 1.85 x 1.78m
· Surface footprint 3.4m²
· Operative range of hydraulic pumps on trucks: 35 L/min to 60 L/min (max 175 bar)