Eco Series - Underground Containers

Eco Series - Underground Containers 1
Eco Series - Underground Containers 2
Shared characteristics of the Eco Hydraulic and Eco 3 systems.

Plastic Container

Plastic Container 1
The container is made of a highly durable, flexible and most importantly non-corrosive epoxy plastic, encased in a steel metal jacket. The metal jacket takes the stress of emptying the contents, leaving the plastic container inside intact and unharmed. This combination of metal and plastic also helps reduce the noise level when in operation.

Concrete Core

The core is watertight and made of a high quality C35/40 enriched composite concrete in a single mold. This allows the structure to last longer while at the same time it takes up less volume underground and is lighter. The smaller the core, the more potential places you have to install it.


The hatch is made of steel and its topmost layer is made of aluminium which has an anti-slip tread pattern.


All containers are designed to be compatible with the existing standard DIN systems currently installed on your vehicles.


Each Eco Series underground container system has been designed and optimized to serve specific environmental characteristics (e.g. a crowded town square, or a quiet narrow street). These systems are also a great solution for sorting recyclable materials directly on location.