Mobile Flexibile Flood Barrier

Mobile Flexibile Flood Barrier 1
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Mobile Flexibile Flood Barrier 3
Mobile Flexibile Flood Barrier 4
ECO MFB -  developed as a system for quick response and deployment in emergency situations. Its simple construction and design, light weight and relatively low cost, enables mass deployment and very fast setting and ,consequently, a rapid response in the event of flash floods and saving lives and property. This system provides protection to 120 cm above the nominal zero emergency line of flooding and the flow rate (Q max) of small value.

ECO MFB is membrane system, made ​​of three-layer reinforced PVC fabric. It is designed to provide storage and transport in a small area and single section of 10m and it can be easily deployed by one person. When it is wrapped, the section of 10m takes less than 0.5 m2 of space, so 1000 m of ECO MFB can be stored in a small warehouse and transport on a trailer. ECO MFB can be merged to another section by several different mechanisms for quick connection including a patented water-proof  zipper, deployed as part of a mobile system with fixed columns in predefined locations with high risk of flooding. This system therefore, also can be stored in areas with high risk of floods in emergency stations.

What mono-component system ECO MFB  is offering ? It offers fast, easy and cost effective system that is extremely easy to set up (compared to solid systems that may consist of 12 individual components that must then be assembled together in particular order).

This system also  saves the human resources so  first phase of the installation process ,of a 10m section, requires only one operative and can be set completely in about 15 min. (on ​​a soft surface). With a special mechanism that unrolls  the roll of 100 m to 150 m lenght in the line of defense, with vechile and trailer, two operators can deploy about 150 m in half an hour. Standard section  are 10m lenght and 150 m lenght, however for special orders we can produce systems of more than 150 m lenght and mount them on field trucks. The second phase is merging elements mutually with special zips  and  finaly  the third and last stage is anchoring and (in case of soft ground) howling special screws in ground. With special vehicle , installation of 150 m section, with four operatives should be performed  in 2h aprox.. In case there is a hard surface (concrete or asphalt) operators uses the bolt pistols with explosive charges or standard ways of anchoring . The system is designed and tested in the case of overflowing  so when the  waves comes  there is no threat to the structural strength of the barrier.