Eco Mobile & Mounting Barrier

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Eco Mobile & Mounting Barrier  4
Eco MMB is very tough, strong, modular system with a wide range of applications and increased stability at the maximum level of water flow. Also in its roughest version is resistant to floating objects and waste. It is designed to protect up to 210 cm above the nominal zero level point of flooding and the flow rate (Q max) of medium values​​.

Developed in two versions. The first   is composed of a carrier and metal panels (made ​​of hot galvanized steel plates) and the other is further reinforced by wooden pallets and covered with HDPE foil. Primary fastening of the ends of the foil to the ground is made by chains.

Products are available in three sizes (height) 120 cm, 170 cm and 210 cm.  This system is designed and tested for the occurrence of overflow. In that case the waves are not a threat to the structural strength of the barrier.